Conner Lee Carey

Conner Lee Carey

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A writer by trade, a poet, and a music-maker; discover Conner's writing at You can also find Conner under @connerleecarey on Instagram. Their YouTube can be found under Conner Carey.

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Conner Lee Carey

“Why are you so fat and big?”

The 5-year-old didn’t ask maliciously; she didn’t associate “bad” with “fat and big.” But if you really want to know why I’m so fat and big, it's because...

Conner Lee Carey
Marcus Harris

The End Of Beauty Ideals

The very concept of a beauty ideal negates the value of women as people. Yet, throughout the ages and around the world, women are expected to act, be and look a certain way that fulfills a man’s desires, depending on the cultural context.

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