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We're an online fashion and empowerment magazine for women of all sizes; focusing on self-care, body acceptance, and positive mental health.

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We believe that ALL women are beautiful and beautifully made!  We want to empower and encourage women to embrace their beauty and embrace the communities and brands that acknowledge and celebrate them --regardless of size, shape, or ethnicity. #AllShapesAllSizesAllLove

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Moving beyond traditional print distribution, our publication is a digital-first, web-based magazine. Our mission is to blur the lines between traditional fashion publications that only publish straight-size models and niche magazines that only publish plus-size models, highlighting the common threads that bind us all. #UnitedUnderFashion

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From the Editor's Desk

Growing up in the 90s, I felt the constant pressure to be thin.  Between supermodels and music videos, I was bombarded with the same cookie-cutter images of what a woman was 'supposed' to look like.  Back then, everyone wanted to be a size 2.  I still remember the first time that I fit into a pair of size 2 jean shorts, I was ecstatic.

As time moved on, I moved into young adulthood and my body changed.  I slowly moved out of the junior sizes and into women's clothing.  Here I was, as a young adult, dressing like I was a grandmother.  You see, the clothes that were meant for girls my age were too small, and the clothes that fit were designed for someone 20 years my senior.  I felt lost and wondered why I couldn't find cute clothes in my size.

I began binge dieting and putting crazy parameters around myself--like refusing to go shopping until I could fit into an 'acceptable size'.  I would lose a ton of weight, buy new clothes, just to gain all the weight back, and start the cycle all over again.

I finally woke up and realized that I am more than a label.  Yes, I needed to exercise and eat right to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I wasn't doing that.  I was torturing myself to be someone else's photoshopped version of perfection, instead of loving and accepting myself.

Once I stopped equating fashion to size, I started to notice more designers expanding into the women's and plus-size market.  Maybe they were always there and I was blind to it because I didn't associate my size with beautiful, or maybe it was just a coincidence.  Either way, I was ready to accept myself and I was happy to accept beautiful clothes that fit my body--my perfect God-given body.

I also began to realize that my body wasn't that different than most of the women I knew.  I realized that we were all striving for something that was outside of our reality, instead of embracing ourselves.  In recent years, more and more women have woken up and decided to embrace the emerging body-positive movement. It is a beautiful thing!

So for now, I will embrace the term 'plus-size', but you can't fault me for dreaming of a world where women of all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities embrace and love their bodies for what they are--where little girls can look at their favorite fashion magazine, and see women of all sizes looking beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

When you support Love U Magazine, you're helping to create that world.  A world where women are encouraged to love themselves first, and embrace great fashion regardless of size.

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