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Conner Lee Carey
Marcus Harris

The End Of Beauty Ideals

The very concept of a beauty ideal negates the value of women as people. Yet, throughout the ages and around the world, women are expected to act, be and look a certain way that fulfills a man’s desires, depending on the cultural context.

Kerry Carmody

Spring Is About Regrowth

Spring is a reminder that it’s okay— and sometimes necessary— to go through periods of darkness in our lives. You don’t have to be in constant bloom; in fact, it’s exhausting to always be. You wouldn’t be able to exist without the inevitable ebb and flow of life.

Kristie Kennedy Ward

The Power to Prevail Pain, the Past, & Perfection

The word prevail is defined as to gain ascendancy through strength, power, or influence; to prove more powerful than opposing forces, or conquer and overcome. You are stronger than your struggle. You are a victor, not a victim. You are a prize, not a pebble. You have the power to prevail.

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