Marcus Harris

Marcus Harris

Norfolk, Virginia Website

Award-winning international traveling photographer/videographer. Scout for talent agencies, manager for actors, models, and musicians. Owner of ReBrand LLC based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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Chelsea Dixon
Marcus Harris

Gimmie Boots!

Nothing rings in the fall and winter seasons like a great pair of boots. Explore different options as we walk you through the features of six popular styles of boots.

Conner Lee Carey
Marcus Harris

The End Of Beauty Ideals

The very concept of a beauty ideal negates the value of women as people. Yet, throughout the ages and around the world, women are expected to act, be and look a certain way that fulfills a man’s desires, depending on the cultural context.

Zeena Garnett
Marcus Harris

Skinny Shaming Is Body Shaming, Too!

Classmates and even some faculty members would call me “skinny” and ask if I was anorexic. My family would playfully tease me about being small as well. As if going through puberty wasn’t bad enough, the breakouts and bleeding every month, I now had to be shamed for my weight!

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