Each season has its own characteristics, its own ups and downs, and highs and lows. Much like the seasons change, people go through different periods and different phases throughout their lives.

All of the seasons are beautiful in different ways, but springtime has always represented regrowth, beginning, starting over, and coming alive again after a long, cold winter. The trees that were bare for months turn green again, and flowers sprout up seemingly out of nowhere.

Spring is a reminder that it’s okay— and sometimes necessary— to go through periods of darkness in our lives. You don’t have to be in constant bloom; in fact, it’s exhausting to always be. Spring wouldn’t be able to exist without the other seasons, just like you wouldn’t be able to exist without the inevitable ebb and flow of life.

As springtime unfolds around you, use it as inspiration to challenge yourself to grow in places you may have been neglecting. Spring is about regrowth— about healing, about blooming in places that may have once been barren.

Spring is unpredictable, just like periods of growth in one's life are unpredictable, too. Some years, spring comes early, a welcomed breath of fresh warm air. Sometimes, the opposite happens, and the winter seems to linger on for far too long. Regardless of how long it takes or how patient we have to be, it’s still beautiful when the regrowth of spring happens.

Sometimes the regrowth is uncomfortable and even downright depressing. It may seem to rain for days, and you might wonder if you’ll ever see the sun again. But, try to remember that the rain is necessary for flowers and trees. There’s a reason the clouds are pouring, and it’s a beautiful one. There may be times when you feel like the rain is drowning and suffocating; remember that without those dampening weather conditions, spring wouldn’t be able to bloom the way that it does. You might need those periods of your life in order to bloom, too.

I think it’s beautiful how everything comes alive again in the spring. Even people seem to as well. You see, no matter how long the winter lasted, or how cold it was, or how dark it got, you get through those moments because you knew that spring would always come. And, it would always be worth the growing pains it took to get there.

Spring is a reminder that the best things take time and effort, but they’re worth it. It’s a reminder that patience is key and to hold on through the darker times. It’s the season for regrowth— for allowing yourself to bloom in every way possible.

Written by Kerry Carmody

Kerry Carmody is a writer who spends all of her free time on the beach. She gets her inspiration from real-life problems, and people, as well as her, take on the world around her.

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