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Zeena Garnett
Marcus Harris

Skinny Shaming Is Body Shaming, Too!

Classmates and even some faculty members would call me “skinny” and ask if I was anorexic. My family would playfully tease me about being small as well. As if going through puberty wasn’t bad enough, the breakouts and bleeding every month, I now had to be shamed for my weight!

Avni Parekh
Anita Lee

What Is Skin Color?: An Adaptive Feature Of Human Existence

According to geneticists, the color of a person’s skin has a direct correlation to their geographic location and the distribution of ultraviolet radiation it receives. So, if the color of our skin is dictated by geography, why are people discriminated against based on the shade of their skin?

Kerry Carmody

A Million Shades of Grey: The Art of Self-Love

There are days when I can give myself one hundred percent love and effort. I take care of myself both physically and emotionally. There are days when I struggle to give myself five percent. I look in the mirror and I don’t understand the girl staring back at me.

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