Family Karma episode 11 definitely hit home for many couples. There were two notable moments we wanted to delve into.

With that being said, we’re turning to Bravo TV’s freshest face, Avni Parekh, to gain an insider’s perspective on these momentous experiences.

Plus, we love her insights which touch on self-development, human-to-human interactions, and most importantly, bettering yourself.

But first, if you missed the episode, here's a quick peek:

A snippet of Family Karma episode 11 on Bravo TV.

Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana Turn to Couples Therapy

Love U Magazine: Hey Avni, I just have to say, it felt a bit intrusive watching Vishal Parvani and Richa Sadana’s therapy session unfold on TV. What are your thoughts about it?

Avni Parekh: This is 100% them. Richa and Vishal have always been transparent about their relationship with friends and family for as long as I have known them.

They are transparent about the trials and tribulations they experience in their relationship. I think that’s undeniable.

Interestingly, chapter 2 of my self-help book Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself is dedicated to romantic relationships. In chapter 2 of Be The Bigger Person, I dive into 15 of the most common issues that arise between partners.

There are 3 traits I’d like to point to in relationships, romantic and otherwise, that are important for everyone to keep in mind.

If a relationship requires;

  1. tons of effort to maintain,
  2. drains your energy, and
  3. causes you to not be a better version of yourself…

Then, it’s probably not the best relationship for you to be in. This is an important life lesson to internalize and I share more of my helpful insights in Be The Bigger Person, which is available on Amazon.

Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos Take Steps To Have Kids

Love U Magazine: Oh my goodness, I feel so horrible for Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos. I mean, I know there are several things that can be done to increase sperm count, but it killed me when I heard Nicholas say that his 8th-grade dreams of becoming a father had been dashed.

Avni Parekh: Yes, Family Karma episode 11 was totally heart-wrenching. Amrit and Nicholas have been very open this season with allowing the show’s fans to see vulnerable moments they’re experiencing as a couple.

I think it’s incredible that Family Karma fans get a chance to see very real topics that many couples deal with as they are trying to conceive.

Truth is, it’s not always that easy to have kids — this goes for all couples.

In fact, in my self-help book, Be The Bigger Person, I briefly discuss how to cope with experiencing miscarriages and their emotional impact. While it’s a part of human biology, it’s also a situation that affects all people involved.

Just as I say in my book, “If your goal is to have a baby, keep trying until you succeed and that includes exploring other options and alternatives to conceiving.”

Love U Magazine: Well said, Avni. All I’m saying is, I could never be on reality TV! It definitely takes a level of vulnerability that is beyond my comfort level.

Avni Parekh: Truth is, being on reality TV is definitely not for everybody. It comes with its ups and downs just like anything in life.

However, I’m very proud of the entire Family Karma cast, parents and siblings included, for sharing insights into their public and private lives.

Wow! That was a great conversation with Author Avni Parekh about Family Karma episode 11. Watch Bravo TV’s hit docuseries every Sunday night at 9 p.m. (EST).

Oh, and check out these behind-the-scenes photos of the cast at the sacred fire puja led by the incredible parents of Family Karma.

Photos courtesy of Avni Parekh | From left to right: Avni Parekh, Anisha Ramakrishna, Monica Vaswani

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