Oh Aunty or aunties, Family Karma episode 8 gave Bravo TV fans more insights into the aunty bunch and the dynamics between all of the ladies.

First, we just have to say, we love all of the aunties.

Second, we’re dying to get even a tiny glimpse into Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos’ housewarming party.

With that said, you know we had to talk directly to Family Karma Newcomer Avni Parekh about what is going on between the aunties and much more.

Love U Magazine: It looks like the Aunties aren't seeing eye-to-eye! Do you have any insights on the tension brewing between Reshma Parvani and Dharma Benni?

Avni Parekh: Interestingly enough, lots of folks have been asking me about this. Truth is, I’ve been watching their journeys unfold on Bravo TV as well.

While filming, I was told little bits and pieces about the aunties fighting. I was aware it had to do with communication factors, or lack thereof, between aunties Reshma and Dharma during Vishal and Richa’s wedding.

More importantly, the aunties are grown women and they know how to handle their business. To that point, I definitely don’t poke my nose into it.

I do hope, however, that they’re all able to overcome their differences by being the bigger person.

And sometimes, by being the bigger person, it’s okay to say, ‘let’s let bygones by bygones’ and move forward, or even decide it’s best to remain amicable even if we’re not besties.

A Little Extra Aunty Love

I do want to say something about each aunty though because I do think Family Karma episode 8 is probably difficult for all of them to relive on national television.

  • Reshma aunty, as in Vishal’s mom, is just lovely. She’s so sweet and has always been very hospitable to me. She’s all about radiating positivity — and as a self-help author, I am all about that!

  • Lopa aunty is absolutely amazing. She’s been very welcoming to me as well. And, as I mentioned in our interview last week, I’ve also stayed at her house in Memphis and enjoyed personal time with her at her incredible high-rise condo in the heart of Miami.

  • Lavina aunty is such a doll. I really, really love her a lot. She’s been super kind to me and always makes sure I eat. Additionally, I love Amrit’s dad too. He and Lavina aunty are such an incredible couple.

  • Chitra aunty is very fun, witty, beautiful, and always has a smile on her face — which immediately makes me smile. Her energy is infectious. She’s great!

  • Dharma aunty is also a lot of fun. She and Chitra aunty are definitely what I call ‘bestie goals,’ and they’re both very outgoing.

  • Reshma aunty, Bali’s mom, she is the sweetest! She’s soft spoken, very intelligent, and I really enjoy chatting with her.

  • Kalpna aunty, the mom of Shaan Patel and Dillion Patel from seasons 1 and 2, is the life of the party, and I think everyone can see that. Plus, she speaks her mind and I’m all about that.

Love U Magazine: That’s very nice of you to say Avni. Thank you for sharing that and your insights, we love hearing them.

Avni Parekh: I’m always happy to share, it’s truly my pleasure!

Exclusive Photos From The Housewarming Party of Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukas

Love U Magazine: Now, last question, we promise. Tell us how Amrit and Nicholas’ housewarming party was in your opinion. We’re still thinking about their fabulous bachelor party.

Avni Parekh: It was tons of fun actually, they’re both such great hosts! In fact, check out some of these photos I captured on my cell phone from that evening.

Also, here's a fun fact, this was the evening that Bravo TV fans got a very tiny, but big clue, that I was going to be a part of Family Karma season 3.

FamilyKarmaKast on Instagram was keen to catch the photo, which was originally shared on the platform many months ago.

Love U Magazine: Well that’s pretty cool indeed!

That’s all my loves for our recap on Family Karma episode 8 with Avni Parekh.

By the way, we saw a glimpse into the rest of this incredible season of Family Karma and we can’t wait for the next few weeks.

Watch Family Karma’s awesome mid-season trailer. We loved it.

As you’re all probably well aware, Bravo TV’s hit docuseries, Family Karma, graces our television screens every Sunday night at 9 p.m. (EST).

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